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Craft beers has been very popular in recent years, and more and more people like to drink it. The word “craft beer” also describes the initial state of craft beer very well. It is a small range of home-brewed or self-brewed, and ours Grain wine brewed by farmers is no different, and there is no praise word such as “craft”. After it was introduced into China, in order to highlight its unusual taste and distinguish it from ordinary “industrial beer”, it became a popular Accepted “craft beer”.

Craft beer

First, What is craft beer?

The so-called “craft beer” is a high-concentration and high-quality beer brewed with more traditional and better raw materials. It can also be said to be people’s pursuit of a higher level of beer. The following three points are the general definition of craft beer.

1,The output is less than that of industrial beer. The annual output of general industrial beer is several million tons, while the annual output of craft beer is less than 6 million barrels. This gap is indeed a bit big.,

2,Tradition: The crafting process of craft beer is traditional. It is only brewed with traditional malt and yeast, and sometimes auxiliary materials are added to increase the flavor and taste of the beer.

Craft beers

Second, what is the difference between craft beers and industrial beer?

Let’s compare the differences in 5 different directions, why craft beer is so popular?

1,Different taste and flavor

Craft beer: The malt concentration is relatively high, the taste is rich, full, and the aroma is pleasant, and each craft beer has a unique flavor.

Industrial beer: People who are used to drinking craft beers will find that ordinary industrial beer has no taste. From the indicators, it is true that the malt concentration is not as high as that of craft beer, and the taste is relatively simple, but fortunately the price is cheap.

2,Different fermentation processes

Most of the craft beers use the ale process, and the fermentation time is longer, generally about 1-2 months, which is also the full fermentation of the yeast, the wort concentration is higher than that of ordinary beer, and the flavor is stronger. Industrial beer generally uses the lager process, which is more “productive” for industrial beer. Therefore, the fermentation period of industrial beer is usually relatively short, mostly about 7 days, resulting in insufficient fermentation, low malt concentration, and reduced aroma , The overall flavor is light, but the yield is high.

3,The cost of raw materials is different

In order to expand the market size of industrial beer, in order to pursue more benefits, reduce costs, and reduce brewing time, rice, starch and other costs are added to the raw materials. These things have a high sugar yield, which can make the malt concentration higher and the brewing time shorter. , but the disadvantage is that the beer brewed is “as light as water”, which is why many people say that industrial beer is “water beer”.

The ingredients for craft beer are regulated, and the raw materials are basically only: water, malt, hops and yeast. If you pursue different flavors, different natural flavors such as orange peel and coriander seeds will be added, but the main raw materials for brewing Still keep the tradition.

4, the alcohol content is different

The alcohol content and malt content of beer are two different concepts. When brewing beer, malt, rice, starch, etc. will first be saccharified to form wort. It is the wonderful taste of fermented wheat.

The alcohol content is the product of the secondary fermentation of wort. After adding hops and brewer’s yeast, the maltose in the wort will be converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Generally speaking, the higher the wort concentration, the higher the alcohol concentration. It doesn’t make much sense to discuss alcohol levels in beer. Generally speaking, the alcohol content of domestic industrial beer, such as Snowflake, Qingdao, Yanjing, etc., is generally around 2.5%-3.5%, while the alcohol content of craft beers is usually higher, generally around 4%-5.5% .

5, the storage time is different

Craft beer: Most craft beers have not undergone special sterilization and filtration treatment, so the shelf life is usually relatively short, usually at most dozens of days. If it is home-brewed fresh beer, the shelf life will be shorter.
Industrial beer: In the later stage of fermentation, it will undergo a series of sterilization methods such as pasteurization, and the shelf life is longer, generally about 1 to 2 years.

Craft beers

Third, the packaging of craft beers

Beer is mainly packaged in glass bottles. In order to attract consumers, wineries also have more innovations in packaging. MISAPACK is one of the largest glass bottle manufacturers in China, providing high-quality beer bottles for different。Budweiser Beer, Tsingtao Beer, Snow Beer, etc.For example, we provide packaging for Budweiser Beer, Tsingtao Beer, Snow Beer,etc.

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