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Outlook For the Bottled Water Industry

1.Beverages Industry Consumption Trends in the United States

Consumption share of beverages in the United States in 2020

Consumption share of beverages in the United States in 2020

According to Statista, bottled water accounted for roughly 24% of beverage consumption in the United States in 2020,making it the most consumed type of beverage that year. Value-added water and energy drinks were among the least favorite beverages that year.

While Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola were the leading carbonated soft drink brands in the U.S., private label bottled water brands made up the largest portion of bottled water sales.

2.Bottled Water Market Statistics and Trends

The United States has the biggest consumer market for bottled water worldwide. In the United States, the best-selling brand of both still and sparkling bottled water was private label. 

Per capita consumption of bottled water in the United States from 1999 to 2020

Per capita consumption of bottled water in the United States from 1999 to 2020

In 2020, per capita consumption of bottled water amounted to roughly 45.2 gallons in the United States. Bottled water includes drinking water sold in plastic as well as glass bottles. The amount of bottled carbonated and still water that the average American consumes has increased significantly over the past two decades.

What are The 10 Most Popular bottled water brands in the the world in 2021?

1. Evian

Founded: 1859
Headquarters: Paris, France Owned by: Danone

Evian is one of the most straightforward, credible water brands on the market, simply because of its “nothing added” approach.

2. Perrier

Founded: 1898
Headquarters: Paris, France Produce by :Nestlé Waters

Perrier is a French brand of natural bottled mineral water captured at the source in Vergèze, located in the Gard département.Perrier is known for its carbonation and its distinctive green bottle.

3. Ozarka

Founded: 1905
Headquarters: Austin, Texas, USA

Ozarka is a brand of spring water which is bottled and sold in the South Central United States.Ozarka 100% Natural Spring Water is sustainably sourced from springs right in Texas.

4. Fiji

Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, USA

Fiji Water bottles water from Fiji and ships it overseas. The water is sourced from Yaqara, on the north shore of Viti Levu, the largest island of Fiji.It is appreciated around the world for its exceptional purity and very round mouthfeel.

Most popular bottled water brands

5. Poland Spring

Founded: 1870
Headquarters: Elmsford, New York, USA

Poland Spring is a brand of bottled water, It was the top-selling spring water brand in America in 2006. It is sourced from carefully selected springs in Maine,Poland to provide a fresh taste.

Most popular bottled water brands

6. Glaceau Smartwater 

Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Glaceau Smartwater is is a brand of bottled water owned by Energy Brands, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company. It is made from British spring water which is vapour-distilled before electrolytes are added.

Most popular bottled water brands

7. Danone

Founded: 1919
Headquarters: Paris, France

Danone is a multinational food and beverage products corporation based in Paris and founded in Barcelona, Spain. It is built on four business lines: Essential Dairy and Plant-based Products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition.

Most popular bottled water brands

8. Nestlé

Founded: 1886
Headquarters:Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland

Nestlé is multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland.Nestlé has more than 2000 brands ranging from global icons to local favourites.

Most popular bottled water brands

10. Aquafina

Founded: 1994
Headquarters: Wichita, Kansas, USA

Aquafina is an American brand of purified bottled water that is produced by PepsiCo, consisting of both unflavored and flavored water.

As far as I know, As bottled water sales continue to rise,this industry has drawn criticism for the production and distribution of plastic product packaging, which consumes tremendous amounts of energy.

More and more factories are changing to glass packaging, if you have this demand, we can customize glass bottles for you.

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