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Blue coating bottle custom spirits bottle 75cl vodka bottle

This is a custom spirits bottle, tthrough frosting and decals to make the bottle a perfect Custom glass bottle, that can hold different Liquor such as whiskey,agave,gin,vodka,rum, and other types of liquors. and the Corks can choose different colors.

Item No



Transparent(higt flint)







Fill Capacity


Full Capacity


Please note that we have a MOQ for our bottles. For bottles in stock, the MOQ is 5000 pcs.

For customized bottles, please see the MOQ as followed:
1. Bottles under 250ml:Flint:100k-150K pcs; High flint:50K pcs

2. Bottles larger than 250ml:    Flint:70K-100K pcs   High flint:20K-50k

MISA assists you throughout the project: bottle shapes, capacity and finish, choice of tints, bottom push-ups, and external decorations. Contact us or mark your requirements on enquiry quote.


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Details About Blue coating bottle custom spirits bottle 75cl vodka bottle

(Last Updated On: 2021年12月29日)

75cl vodka bottle Blue coating bottle

Blue coating bottle this is a customized spirits bottle. through blue coating and decals to make the bottle a perfect Custom distilled spirits bottles, that can hold different Liquor,such as gin, agave,brandy,vodka whiskey, rum and other types of wine.Cork stoppers can choose different styles.

The Round shoulder transparent glass bottle has a simple bottle body, which is very suitable for holding agave and other foods, while giving your products a unique appearance! Great for attracting customers’ attention…

The simple and interesting shape makes this bottle stand out on the shelf.The round shoulders andSkirt shape. The thick base promotes an elegant high-end appearance. The 750ml bottle is a great option for whiskey, vodka,rum, and other types of liquors. Pair it with one of our Cork stoppers and your product will stand out on the shelf.

Blue coating bottle

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:pallet, carton, carton+pallet, dividers+pallet, wrap+pallet, plastic mesh+pallet, etc
Delivery Detail:30~40 days

  • 750ml vodka bottle
  • higt flint glass bottle
  • Tamper Evident Corks
  • Also available without a cap included
  • Available in bulk quantities
  • minimum order 30000pcs

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