The Unforeseen Wave of Intoxicating Herbal-Infused Beverages

Sipping on the New Future: The Unforeseen Wave of Intoxicating Herbal-Infused Beverages

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Savouring flavours from refreshing herbal teas to distinctively flavoured craft beer, the beverage industry invariably acts as the harbinger of innovative trends. Today, an unexpected yet exhilarating “green ingredient” is generating significant ripples in the marketherbal infusions. The infusion of herbs into both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is morphing the market landscape while unveiling an expansive horizon for global consumers.

Surfing the Herbal Tidal Wave

According to the robust data from Global Beverage Report 2022, the herbal beverage market is poised to hit a global benchmark of $20 billion by 2024. The rising importance of health and wellness has seen an array of brands actively unlocking the therapeutic elements of herbs and launching exceptional products. Not to be left behind, the liquor industry is swiftly embracing this wave, emerging as a significant player in herbal beverage development.

Under the Microscope: Facts and Figures

Let’s pivot our focus to some practical demonstrations; the brands that successfully infiltrated this nascent market, launching ground-breaking herbal-infused beverage products:

  1. Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops from Heineken shattered traditional norms by weaving hops and THC into a harmonic union. This zero-calorie, zero-alcohol herbal beer venture with HerbalCraft catapulted their sales figures by a whopping 13% in Q3, 2018 compared to the previous year.
  2. Two Roots Brewing Co, with its non-alcoholic herbal beer, clinched the widest market share in California, 2019, and saw their sales figures soaring by 30% the same year.
  3. Venice Cookie Company’s Cannabis Quencher is quenching the consumers’ thirst nationwide for the past three years with a variety of juices, each infused with 10mg of THC.
  4. Dixie Elixirs’ Sparkling Beverage is winning the market with eye-catching packaging and a plethora of tantalizing flavours created with extreme care and precision.
  5. Keef Brands are serving up a treat with their diverse range of non-alcoholic herbal beverages, aiming to curate customizable and regulated consumer experiences. Their zero-calorie and vegetarian options are adding a new zing to the market.
  6. Puration, Inc shook the industry with its first-ever herbal energy drink, EVERx, in 2019. This beverage contains 10mg of CBD coupled with a patented extract.
  7. Ceres Cannabis Ltd debuted with its first herbal concoction, “Ceres Wave,” in 2023. This refreshing beverage, with its unique invigorating kick, adds a cool twist to consumers’ tea breaks.

Whilst further relaxation in herbal laws and an upsurge in consumer interest in health and wellness predict a high growth rate in herbal beverages, it’s estimated the industry’s total revenue in the US will cross the $20 billion mark. With more nations easing constraints on herbs, the global market potential is undeniably promising.

Bottle Up

With this heartening wave of herbal-infused beverages, both consumers and producers find themselves amid an expansive landscape filled with unexplored avenues and burgeoning opportunities. The future is painting a green picture, replete with possibilities and teeming with potential. As intoxicating as it sounds, this wave is inviting, invigorating, and most importantly, inspirational. This is not just a trend but a revolution – the Herbal Revolution.

Dive in, the future is green and gushing!


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