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The United States is the world’s largest economy, with a vast territory and a population of 300 million. It has a huge consumption capacity. Glass bottles are ubiquitous in life. They are easy to clean and can be used to store anything you have. Whether you are looking jars to stock foods in your house,or you are planning to open a business on glass containers.You can visit the glass bottle manufacturers first. This way you’ll get great discounts and you can even request custom products for your brand. Here is our list of the top 5 glass bottle manufacturers in the US for you.


Owens-Illinois(o-i) produces glass bottles for wine, spirits, food, and beverages, etc. In addition to its catalog of stock shapes, the company offers custom bottle design, decorating, and similar services.

ABA Packaging 

ABA Packaging focuses on the cosmetics markets, supplying a line of treatment bottles, fragrance bottles, etc. The company offers a range of decorating options as well, from acid etching to hot stamping.

JG Finneran

JG Finneran makes glass bottles for the chromatography, biotech, environmental, and laboratory markets with products ranging from Boston rounds to septum bottles. Based in Vineland, NJ, the company is owned by British company Porvair.

Anchor Glass Container

Anchor Glass is best known for its colorful bottles and jars that are used in breweries and food industries and also use cnc machine tending robots to monitor the quality.Anchor Glass has a combined workforce of over 2000 employees who ensure that high-quality products reach the cupboards of all Americans.

Silver Spur Corporation

Silver Spur Corporation was set up in 1978 in Cerritos, California .It is the leading glass container manufacturer in the Californian state. They sell bottles for food and beverage packaging including Boston rounds, beverage bottles, dropper bottles, sauce bottles, wide-mouth bottles, and wine bottles.They also manufacture plastic products of the same nature.


This article summarized the Top 5 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in the USA .
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