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 Founded in 1971,we customize different Glass bottle designs for different products .

No matter what food or drink you want to package – be it jam, mineral water,spirits,beverages, wine or beer.

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8OZ Beverage bottle ketchup bottle food glass bottle 250ml 300ml 400ml

Inject some fun into your juices with this 250ml-400ml Glass Juice Bottle with gold lid! Featuring a distinctive design strip around the neck .Then it not only looks fab, but provides a little extra grip too!

Steps to Work With Us



1. Confirm bottle material: high flint, normal flint,amber or green;
2. Confirm design,capacity
3. MOQ for different material(Generally)  Flint:100K-150K;High flint:20K;Amber 
4. Packing:Box,Box with pallet, or  Corrugated layer with pallet



Make the quotatoin according to customer’s  requrements.


Sample Purchase

Customer arranges sample mould fee 1000$-2500$ (will be as partial of full set mould fee )


Make drawing

Make drawing according to customer’s requirements


Make Sample

Open sample moulds to make samples


Sample Delivery

1. Finish samples in 4-6 weeks
2. Arrange Samples delivery by express


Mass Production Purchase

Customer arrange balance payment of mould fee and  mass production fee



1.Finish production 5-6 weeks
2. Arrange delivery by sea

How To Customize Glass Bottle

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  • Economic packing for flint bottles(bulk pack):
glass bottle packed on pallet
glass bottle packed on pallet


This helps to reduce unit transportation costs and allows more bottles to be packed in one container.

  •  high flint or decorated bottles packing :
case pack with pallet
case pack with pallet


Bottles are packed in cardboard boxes with dividers,giving added protection durning transit.

We can provide different levels of cardboard quality, and can customize the packaging box printed with the customer’s company or brand. It allows them to reuse shipping boxes when selling products.

Flint and super-flint both are transparent. Flint has good transparency, while high flint offers the very best in clarity, often compared to crystal.

  flint glass bottle

High flint Bottles tend to be of more substance, heavier, often contain a deep base (20-30mm),which gives the bottle a further feel of quality.

 high flint glass bottles

High flint tends to be the choice of brands in the premium spirits sector, particularly those in the Vodka, Whisky , and Brandy categories.

Usually, at the beginning of production, during the machine commissioning stage, thousands of unqualified bottles will be discarded. So it is difficult to make bottles in small quantities.

Pls see below MOQ for differnt glass :

Flint glass: 100,000 -150,000pcs

High flint glass:  20,000 pcs(one 40HQ)

Amber glass: 250,000 pcs

The MOQ also depends on the size of the bottle. The smaller the capacity, the larger the MOQ will be.


One 40HQ for tipical 750ml bottles can fit :

approximately 25K ( with boxes);

roughly 27K (packed in bulk).

The glass itself does not contain lead or other harmful chemicals. Upon request, MISA can test the bottle in an independent testing agency to confirm.

If our customers need external assurance, SGS, TUV or Bureau Veritas can be designated as a third-party testing agency. These companies can provide online testing, final random testing (before shipment), and additional testing of your glass bottles outside the laboratory if necessary.

 (for  tipical 750ml bottle) is as follows:

flint:Mould charge 4500$   MOQ:100K-150K

high flint: 2000$-3000$  MOQ:20K pieces (one 40HQ)

For a custom bottle:

If the process goes well, you can receive the first bottle container within 3-5 months.

Samples :Usually take 4-6 weeks from ordering the mold.

If you need to modify the mold, you can get an additional 2-4 weeks of new samples .

Once the sample is approved, we will complete the full set of production molds. Usually can finish production in 5-6 weeks.

For stock mould order:

Finish production in the next 5-7 weeks.

We cooperate with all our customers under the strictest confidentiality conditions.

We are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

For some of the large companies we work with, this is often a prerequisite.

As a feature of the mold itself, it is no problem to incorporate embossed or debossed features in your bottle.
This is a cost effective (free, we emboss or deboss at no extra cost to you) way to give your product more impact and individualize your brand.

Not all details can be achieved this way, but send us your design for review and we can let you know.

At the moment it is very trendy to use embossing which creates a very unique and compelling bottle for customers when looking at shelves that offer so many options.

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