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Amber glass can avoid light.

Amber glass bottles are the first choice for holding Light proof products. Colored matter can absorb part of the wavelength of visible light, and the unabsorbed part is its color. In other words, the unabsorbed light of the Amber bottle is Amber, and the light passing through the bottle is also Amber. Due to the low energy of Amber light, it is difficult to initiate photochemical reaction. As for why the Amber bottle absorbs more light, it has something to do with the composition and structure of the substance. The Amber glass bottle can be exposed to the sun, which will maximize the protection of the quality of the product.

At present, our company has a very good sales volume of Amber glass bottles, which are generally used to hold liquid products, such as oral liquid; oral liquid absorbs the technological characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine injection and is obtained by further refining, concentrating, sealing and sterilizing ; oral liquid has the advantages of fast absorption, convenient use, easy preservation and so on.

Improve the appearance of products through packaging modification.

There are many colors of glass bottles, but the most common ones are transparent and Amber; Amber can avoid light.It is obvious to all that Amber glass bottles have no special requirements for light, but if the color of the product is not beautiful, Amber glass bottles are also particularly suitable for holding; Amber glass bottles have a variety of bottle types, including slender, beautiful, patterned, light, and so on; Amber glass bottles have a wide range of uses, from daily necessities to food. Almost every field is involved.

The chemical composition is stable and safe.

The material of the glass bottle is relatively stable, if used normally, it is generally relatively safe. Amber bottles are produced at high temperature, and the process from glass liquid to machine production goes through high temperature to low temperature. Amber oral liquid glass material is a transparent semi-solid and semi-liquid material, which forms a continuous network structure when it is melted in.

Silicate non-metallic materials whose viscosity increases gradually during cooling and hardens without crystallization.The oral liquid glass bottle made of glass material is a widely used packaging container, which has the characteristics of non-toxic, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can be used for many times. Glass bottle is a container formed at high temperature, which has good chemical stability and slow chemical reaction, but like oral liquid, injection is liquid, and liquid is more corrosive than solid; freeze-dried powder or some high-grade articles, such as injecting vaccines and other drugs have high corrosion substances, so these drugs must be filled with Amber oral liquid glass bottles with good chemical stability.

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